Assam (The Air Nomad Critic): A bit of an outcast among the Air Nomads, Assam is what one might call a naturalist. Infatuated with the natural world and all things in it, he was never that comfortable with the ideal that one must separate oneself from the world in order to achieve happiness. For the young airbender, life is all about being a part of the world, as that's where all the interesting stuff is, all things green and growing. As a result, Assam is not on terribly good terms with many of his fellow Nomads, especially the Monk's Council. This has not stopped him, however, from being just as joyful as any other wanderer, though it has made him more grounded and realistic. His weapon of choice is a monk's spade, a polearm designed for empowering blunt gusts and focused slices depending on the orientation of the weapon. This unique weapon also functions as a glider, with the lightweight head of the weapon functioning as the tail. His animal companion is the sky bison Amala. A part of team avatar.

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