Avatar Yalun (Intelligence4): As a fully realized Avatar, he is the master of all four elements and can access his past memories and full power through the avatar state. He hails from the Costal Water Tribe, located off the coast of the southern Earth Kingdom. He's 21 years old, and a fairly laid back guy with a friendly personality. He's loyal to his friends, and values the relationships he has with people. He is driven toward his cause and is a natural leader, something that will serve him well as the Avatar. He is intelligent and thinks very logically. He enjoys having a good time, but he has a very serious side to him as well. He hasn't had any adventures in a while after his training because the world is a relatively peaceful place due his efforts when he was born an Air Nomad. He uses hapkido to waterbend, instead of tai chi. He has a powerful build, like many of the warriors of the tribe his age. Like many of the Water Tribe, his skin is of a darker hue than those of the bordering Earth Kingdom. He wears a soft blue leather vest, and a set of mammoth-beaver pauldrons, with long, embroidered cloth trousers and simple moccasins. His dark brown hair is cropped fairly short save for a long section in the back, braided into a warrior’s catgator-tail and capped by a piece of bone carved into the shape of the symbol of the Water Tribes: the moon, flanked by ocean waves. He carries an elegant, well-sharpened katana, and a water skin. He has a soft, friendly face with a long, slender scar that rans the entire length of his left cheek. A part of Team Avatar.

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