Li Chen (Earth Kingdom): Li Chen is a young, fun-loving earthbender from Omashu. His natural curiosity and need for adventure made the vast Earth Kingdom a perfect place for him to grow up. Although, technically, he still has a lot of growing to do. The youngest of his country's master warriors, he has much to learn in the ways of maturity. He lacks patience and practically refuses to exercise neutral jing in most cases. This isn't to say he hasn't mastered it, he just hates using it. Despite his flaws, he is a trusted protector of his people. His determination and strength make him an unstoppable force even when he's on the verge of being defeated. He places the needs of others above his own and will gladly rush into combat on anyone's behalf. His sense of humor brightens up the darkness that comes along with battle and possible death. He's a 'ladies man'. Life handed him the greatest opportunity someone like him could ever have. He was the earthbending master of Avatar Yalun and the youngest member of Team Avatar.

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