Nilak (Thedestinedone): A young Waterbender, he hails from the Northern Water Tribe. He was the avatar's waterbending teacher. He's 16. He uses both Hapkido and Tai Chi, for waterbending. That gives him a distinct advantage over many of his opponents. When needed, he can heal wounds. He left his beloved Nation, to travel around the world, with his best friends, Yalun, Assam, Li Chen, and Qin. Atop a rather angular face, already set apart from the softer faces of most of the tribe, sat a mess of short, sandy brown hair, a major departure from the dark brown or black hair of the rest of the tribe. His hairstyle, which had a warrior's wolftail, with the back portion of his hair loose and 2 small braided locks, in a fashion similar to some Water Tribe young warriors. He wore a leather vest (In the Northern Water Tribe), though his was a deep navy blue, and heavily patched together. Joined with long cloth trousers and thick, heavy boots (In the Northern Water Tribe), he seemed to be fairly standard for a tribesman from the arctic poles. In summer he wears a Water Tribe necklace, and his navy blue shirt, is cut up to his shoulder. The turtle-seal water skin he kept at his side, you could tell he's from the tundra. Nilak has blue/gray eyes. He's very athletic and fast, and uses that strength to hunt. Nilak shows much pride for his tribe. He's the laid back surf guy, in the group. With his amazing waterbending ability, he usually shows off, surfing on his ice board. Although he can be a sarcastic jerk sometimes, he does have a soft side as well. A part of Team Avatar.