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Qin (Emperor Qin): Qin is the Emperor of the Fire Nation, although he left the Dragon throne in the hands of his imperial advisor, to help his friend and firebending student, Avatar Yalun. After uniting the Fire Nation after a long, harsh period of turmoil, the land is now at peace, and Qin decided that for the better welfare of both his subjects and his friends alike, he should rather accompany them on this journey. His time in the battlefield taught him that being too impatient or hotheaded would make things worse, and that fighting side-by-side with your companions is the best way, although wise strategy is always favored. A strong supporter of using the wisdom of the ancestors and the past as way to rule his realm, and also that good rewards and punishments are fit for keeping everyone, from vassal kings up to the army officers in check. This dedication to ancient tradition at the same time won't restrain him to unleash all of his firebending mastery and skill earned in years of hard training, ruling and battling against those who definitely cross the line and threatens the land. A part of Team Avatar.

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